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Faculty Positions (Applied Economics)
Position Type: Assistant/Associate Professor

Development; Growth
Environmental; Ag. Econ
Experimental Economics
Health; Education; Welfare
Public Economics
Deadline: 2016-12-25

The Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE) at Shaanxi Normal University and the Rural Education Action Program (REAP) at Stanford University invite applications for 8 faculty positions in applied economics beginning in Fall 2017. We are seeking candidates with strong interest in applied research in the economics of education, health economics, and/or development. 

The CEEE and REAP are devoted to conducting research to inform social policy in China. Successful candidates will work with a world-class team of researchers (both domestic and international) to conduct experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations of education and health policies and interventions. 

In addition to research, successful candidates will also provide instruction in econometrics and policy evaluation. The position will entail 80% research and 20% teaching. 

Candidates must have or be close to completing a Ph.D. in economics, agricultural economics, or a related field.

Successful candidates, including recent graduates, will receive an appointment at the Associate Professor level along with corresponding benefits. Salary is internationally competitive and will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Fringe benefits including annual leave, medical and housing benefits will be provided. Housing benefits to Associate Professors include the option of purchasing a 120 m2 apartment subsidized to 30% of market price on campus. Initial appointment at Associate Professor rank will be on a three-year contract, renewable subject to mutual agreement. 

Required application materials include a letter of interest, curriculum vita, a research sample and three recommendation letters. Application materials must be submitted online at website. Review of applications will start on Dec.1, 2016 and continue until the position is filled. 

For additional information visit our website: http://ceee.snnu.edu.cn/,http://reap.fsi.stanford.edu/

分类:Ⅲ. 国际(全职、终身制)
所需申请材料包括兴趣信、个人简历、研究样本和三分推荐信。申请材料必须网上提交(https://www.aeaweb.org/joe/ ),并同时发送邮件至ceee@snnu.edu.cn邮箱。资料审核将于2016年12月1日开始,一直持续到岗位招聘满员为止。
更多相关信息请访问:http;//ceee.snnu.edu.cn http://reap.fsi.stanford.edu

Introduction to Center for Experimental Economics in Education

The Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE) is a research institute directly subordinate to Shaanxi Normal University. Our goal is to conduct rigorous experiments that simulate actual government programs or policies and use our findings to transform the actions of government and other members of the education sector. We hope this will allow us to bring about greater educational equity and allow poor rural children to realize their dreams.

We intend to reach this goal by carrying out the following primary activities:

1.Establish a new platform for experimental research to simulate and evaluate Chinese education policy.
2.On the foundation of this experimental research platform, conduct interdisciplinary action research in the spheres of education and rural public policy and advocating for the spread of rigorous impact evaluation research in China.
3.Create formal Experimental Economics in Education (EEE) discipline—with the collaboration of both Chinese and international academics—so as to cultivate a new generation of Chinese experts in the field of EEE.
4.Provide government policymakers and social organizations with an empirical foundation drawn from rigorous impact evaluations of their policies and programs.

CEEE is oriented towards the needs of society and emphasizes the integration of academic research, policy advocacy and social action. Our team works to find low-cost, feasible and effective ways to resolve critical problems in the education and development spheres and makes use of rigorous empirical evidence to transform policy advocacy in these domains. CEEE is particularly focused on conducting research in four core theme areas: nutrition, health and education; technology and human capital; keeping kids in school; and rural public services.

CEEE firmly believes that policy and program effectiveness can only be accurately measured through experimental or quasi-experimental impact evaluation methods. CEEE is unique in its management, operations and personnel structure. In all internal operations, we emphasize community-based and collaborative research. We attach great importance to collecting our own data while also working actively to facilitate collaborative exchange with domestic and international academics. Our core collaborators are the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Stanford University in the United States. At the same time, we work to maintain close working relationships with multiple levels of government and members of the public administration sector, foundations and non-profit organizations in China.

CEEE has already formed a Policy Advisory Committee, Academic Advisory Committee, and CEEE Council.

CEEE Council Chair: Linxiu Zhang
CEEE Director: Yaojiang Shi

Website: http://ceee.snnu.edu.cn http://nsdrc.snnu.edu.cn/
Email: ceee@snnu.edu.cn WeChat:CEEE_REAP
Phone/Fax: 86-29-81530873
Address: Shaanxi Normal University, 620 West Changan Rd, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China
Postcode: 710119





教育实验经济研究所理事长: 张林秀
教育实验经济研究所所长: 史耀疆
网址: http://ceee.snnu.edu.cn http://nsdrc.snnu.edu.cn/
邮箱地址:ceee@snnu.edu.cn 微信:教育实验经济研究所(CEEE_REAP)

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